Jungle Life

Sylvia, a skinny little Belizean waif wearing a colorful frock and an enormous smile, runs out to greet us as soon as Lou’s car comes to a stop in front of his house in the jungle.

In anticipation of our arrival, she has been busy with her machete and greets us with two large bunches of green bananas.

We have just enough time for a quick tour of the house and surrounding gardens before Sylvia strips off her dress and takes Zoë and Leif down to the river to wash off the heat and travel dust.

She teaches them how to catch tiny little fish with their hands – tiny little fish that Lou’s housekeeper Anna will later fry up for us for a tasty meal.

Scan (2)

Lou and I, in the meantime, decide to hang out on the veranda with rum & cokes.


“Another day in Paradise,” he remarks contentedly.




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